The Male Fighter is one of the characters Geoffrey will give you at the beginning of the game. He is proficient in swords, axes and spears, but is best suited with an axe. This is because he can learn all 6 obtainable axe moves at the Evility Shop. In order these moves include...

  1. Big Swing Slice
  2. Seesaw Axe
    D3 Male Fighter Cut-In

    Male Fighter Cut-In Image

  3. Boomerang Axe
  4. World Rounder

    Male Fighter Portrait

  5. Graviton Flare
  6. Illusive Quake

Only 6 moves for each weapon are obtainable at the Evility Shop, the 2 ultimate axe moves include...

  1. Violent Storm
  2. Calamity Drive

To obtain these moves you need to go to the Class World and clear all the Geo Blocks on the 10th floor to open a dimension gate.

NOTE: The ultimate moves are expensive so save mana to purchase them.


Them Male fighter native, or beginning Evility is Wild Cry. Wild Cry increases all of the users stats by 20% per adjacent enemy unit. This is quite useful in a situation when the last man standing is your Male fighter and there are many enemies still to be defeated to clear the stage. When you are completely surrounded your stats are in total increased by 80%. The best thing to do here is to use Graviton Flare to eliminate all surrounding players with maximum damage. For a last man standing situation, the best Evility to correspond with Wild Cry is Armor Mastery. Armor Mastery increases the HP and DEF from all equipment by 30%. This will make him harder to kill. To obtain this Evillity you need to get to tier 2 level 20. All obtainable secondary Evilities from a Male fighter include...

Armor Mastery

1 disgaea 3 this axe is a bit heavy for me waaah

Big Swing Slice in combat.

Tier 2 Level 20

Energy Slash

Tier 4 Level 100

Heavy Smash

Tier 6 Level 500


Because of his secondary Evility, Armor Mastery, he is best with armor high in DEF and HP. Stats unneeded include...

  1. INT
  2. HIT
  3. SPD


The resistance, or RES, is awful for a Male Fighter and magic resistance is the same.

Fire: 0

Wind: 0

Ice: -50

Magic, his one true weakness...

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